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Planning your site on the world wide web...
Who knows the most about your business? YOU DO! But where do you begin?

Ask yourself some questions and write down the answers.

What will be the purpose(s) of your new website? Will it:

  • Promote your company/organisation?
  • Inform viewers about your company/organisation?
  • Sell your products to your customers?

It may well do all three. And remember - this additional marketing tool, at almost no additional cost, will be on display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

When you've decided the prime goal(s) of your new site, assess what information you will need and what you already have that may be useful.

Some suggestions:

  • What do you want to say about your company?
  • Are any current brochures relevant?
  • Can your stocks meet a sudden surge in sales?
  • Do you have recent press releases?
  • Do you have useful client case studies?
  • Do you have a regular newsletter?
  • Are you prepared to offer special incentives to web customers?
  • Can you accept credit cards?
  • Can you ship internationally? Remember, your new site will now be viewed overseas!
  • Can you obtain original or computer generated artwork for logo branding, etc and do you have copyright on pictures you may wish to use?

When you have thought of every question that may be relevant, then approach Artography. Remember, the more time you spend with pen and paper, the less time will be needed in the design process and the lower will be the overall costs.

If there is nobody in your organization who can create the wording for your new site and present it in the best possible way, then we can recommend good copywriters who will work alongside you and create a first-class presentation.

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